8 comments on “Kajan Johnson lashes out at Prime Minister Harper’s treatment of Aboriginals

  1. Aboriginals must FIRST address the rampant sexual abuse and substance abuse on Reserves that is causing young girls/women to think it better to run away from home than put up with that life. That is the most pressing problem today.

    Government programs that give Aboriginals the right to live in Canada without paying any taxes while also receiving other benefits have made some “Chiefs” incredibly rich through corruption while leaving most on the Reserves destitute, ill-lead and dependent.

    Save your rant for someone that doesn’t know what the real problems are.

    • Sounds like you really don’t know what the real problems are and we are not Canadians we are North Americans. All the other people here are the ones that we allow to live here. You tell me how your connected to this land and don’t say by birth cause that don’t mean shit.

    • You are a very misinformed person. I know my people will be strong and prevail, we always have.

      As for you, I hope you’re able to open you’re eyes to what’s going on around you, or else you will live and very shallow, meaningless life.

      Kajan, thank you for your message and for fighting for not what just belongs to us, but for what we deserve!

  2. Since contact with European visitors, aboriginal people have been left with the short end of the stick in their relationships. Unfulfilled promises through Treaties have continued to bring poverty, despair and marginalization while the rest of the multi-cultural Canadian society live in abundance and prosperity. Most of the federal Indian Affairs multi-billion dollar budget go to supplying funds for a multitude of “white” bureaucratic salaries, benefits, bonuses and careers. The left-overs go to impoverished communities all across Canada called the rez. Resource extraction and exploitation benefits only a select few chosen by the political elite. The CEO’s salary, benefit, and bonuses from these corporations are more than any benefits to the surrounding first nations reservation whose lands are affected and livelihoods disrupted. Absolutely nothing has changed since contact. The general public either remain ignorant or empathetic to this reality and continue to vote for the political party that has been most unsympathetic to the plight of native people. THIS HAS TO CHANGE.

  3. RestorativeJustice, lol, your the last guy who knows about justice. Talking crap you know nothing about especially Natives and Taxes. We pay taxes working off the rez and yes we all want a better life and young and old will leave the reserve to acquire that like you white people have been entitled to since 1492. The chiefs getting incredibly rich, not by a long shot buddy. They are elected and make decisions for their people. Like your white elected officials make more for extra responsibility. No one really wants to live on a patch of land they were forced to inhabit especially with poisoned water from your white man’s chemicals, inadequate housing built by the white. There are some lucky reserves which had oil and getting remuneration still would rather have clean water. Give us some restorative justice if that’s what you do…yeah. Not with an ignorant attitude like yours. The rest of the commentators here, I thank you for intelligent feedback and appreciate your understanding of our people wanting to speak the truth about has happened and what is still happening to degrade the NDN people and the way they are forced to live. There were no jails or welfare system before the whites invaded to stuff their religions and beliefs down our throats. We were Free to hunt and roam and pray to our creator. Kajan Johnson, please keep fighting and speaking the truth. The truth does not lie. Restorative Justice Program, thanks for the laugh…

  4. Stick to fighting brah. Canadian aboriginals get free health care, free education, free houses, we don’t pay income tax on reserve, we can go to the band office and ask chief and council for money and most times get it. We aren’t treated poorly at all. We’re part of the bigger problem. These missing aboriginal women were drug addicts and prostitutes. Not exactly role models.

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